McCaulay Backs Pickersgill in Sand Row

The CEO of the Jamaica Environment Trust, JET, Diana McCaulay, says the country must support Environment Minister, Robert Pickersgill, for his bold decision to order the Karisma Hotel Group to cease removing sand from a construction site at Rutland Point in Negril, Westmoreland.

Minister Pickersgill issued the Cessation Order last week, after Karisma was accused of removing sand from Rutland Point, for use at another construction site in Llandovery, St. Ann.

But Karisma has protested its innocence. It says the removal of the sand, which was part of waste material taken from Rutland Point, was authorized under the terms of a permit it received from the Commissioner of Mines in the Mines and Geology Division of the Environment Ministry.

Mrs McCaulay says the reuse of the sand should have been confined to the Negril area.

She’s calling for the sand to be returned to Negril.