McKenzie Brands Hayles an Idiot


The MP for Western Hanover, the PNP’s Ian Hayles, has been branded an idiot by the MP for West Kingston, the JLP’s Desmond McKenzie.

Mr. McKenzie says the term is appropriate, given Mr. Hayles’ comments about the sale of Air Jamaica by the JLP administration in 2011.

Speaking to comrades at a PNP mass meeting in Browns Town, St. Ann on Sunday, Mr. Hayles lamented the bad decision to sell Air Jamaica.

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But speaking to labourites at the Mountain View Primary School on Tuesday night, McKenzie had this scathing reaction.

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Mr. Hayles also told comrades on Sunday that Jamaica’s reputation had suffered such damage under the JLP administration, that the American embassy had virtually stopped issuing visas to Jamaicans.

He said the PNP changed that situation.

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But Mr. McKenzie is challenging Mr. Hayles to provide proof.

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