McKenzie Clamping Down on Local Govt Maladministration

Local Government Minister, Desmond McKenzie, says he’s prepared to exercise his power in law to deal with Municipal Corporations with persistent administrative problems.

Minister McKenzie made reference to a recent audit of the Westmoreland Municipal Corporation.

He’s suggesting not enough effort has been made to respond to issues raised.

The Minister made it clear that he was prepared to take serious action as he’ll not allow progress made in the local governance process to be derailed.

Section 42 of the Local Government Act says where the Minister is satisfied that any Council is not competent to perform or persistently fails to perform its lawful functions, the Minister — may by order–subject to affirmative resolution, dissolve the Council.

And, the Minister says he’s also unhappy with the state of affairs at the Hanover Municipal Corporation.

He says there are serious questions of leadership at the local authority.

Minister McKenzie was speaking at the general monthly meeting of the Westmoreland Municipal Corporation this week.

A previous investigation by the Office of the Contractor General had revealed evidence of nepotism, favouritism, and possible corruption at the then Hanover Parish Council.

That report was tabled in Parliament last year.