McNeill Calls for Codification of Qualification Requirements for Certain Govt Jobs


PAAC Chairman Dr. Wykeham McNeil is recommending that the circumstances in which people who do not have a bachelors degree may be employed to certain government jobs be codified.

Dr. McNeil made the recommendation after General Manager at a government agency, the National Energy Solutions, NESOL, Carolyn Warren, outlined the qualifications of Lawrence Pommels who acted as Chief Engineer at the entity.

Mrs. Warren was addressing today’s meeting of the Public Administration and Appropriations Committee, PAAC.

The NESOL General Manager was responding to an inquiry from East Kingston MP, Phillip Paulwell, about whether Mr. Pommels was qualified.

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A few weeks ago, Pommels was taken into custody and charged with money laundering after 85-million dollars in cash was found at his home in Old Harbour St. Catherine.

Pommels was first employed to NESOL in 2011.

Dr. McNeil said he doesn’t have an issue with the circumstances in which Pommels started last year to act as Chief Engineer at NESOL.

But he says a code should be established which outlines the circumstances in which people who do not have a bachelors degree may be employed in Government.

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Dr. McNeil said he’s impressed by work done at NESOL.

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Mrs. Warren told the PAAC today that Pommels had done work under NESOL’s Street lighting, installation, loss reduction and community renewal, SILC programme.

She noted that this fiscal year only a $50-million allocation has been made to that programme.

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Meanwhile, Mrs. Warren disclosed that Pommels was a signatory to one of NESOL’s accounts when he acted as Chief Engineer. She says there was a 7-month delay in Pommels being removed as a signatory.

Mrs. Warren says the delay should not have occurred but has since been corrected.

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