Meadows Disappointed by Senate ‘Snub’


Jamaica Labour Party Caretaker for North Trelawny, Dennis Meadows, has taken to Facebook to express his disappointment in not being named a Government Senator.

In his post on the social media site this morning, Mr. Meadows says he would avoid mentioning the reasons behind his non-appointment.

Yesterday, 13 Government Senators were sworn in, several of whom are new faces.

Meadows was a Senator in the Bruce Golding Administration of 2007.

He says despite his disappointment, he still believes that Prime Minister Andrew Holness has chosen those best suited to support his agenda in transforming Jamaica from its current state, to one of prosperity.

Mr. Meadows says he remains committed to the JLP’s cause and says he’ll stay on as caretaker for Northern Trelawny.

When Nationwide News contacted Mr. Meadows, he said he didn’t want to speak further to the issue.

Meadows was defeated by the PNP’s Victor Wright, in the February 25 General Election.

It’s the third time now that Mr. Meadows is losing North Trelawny.


4 thoughts on “Meadows Disappointed by Senate ‘Snub’

  1. Hardleychaw

    This man referred to as “Mickey Mouse” by Desmond McKenzie can’t learn . He was kicked out of the senate in 2011 , bypassed for the StJames seat for Malhoo-Forte , why then did he believe he’d be a senator this time around . You’re damaged goods as far as layba is concerned .

  2. chikV2Ebola

    Mr.Meadows improved on his performance in this election although he lost.maybe he should concentrate on his caretaker position and help to bring home more seats for his caretaker councillors. everyone cannot be rewarded with a senate seat.

  3. dukeofearle

    Alot of these candidate that fail to win a seat have been trying time and time again, they are deemed as “REJECT”.

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