Medicanja to Enlist on JSE in 2018

Medicanja, a Jamaican company which produces pharmaceuticals from cannabis, is to list on the Jamaica Stock Exchange next year.

Its founder, research scientist Dr. Henry Lowe, says Jamaica’s preoccupation with issues surrounding smoking marijuana is causing the country to miss out on commercial opportunities.

Dr. Lowe says his company is also working on a product to address the opioid crisis in the United States.

Last week US President, Donald Trump, declared the opioid crisis a public health emergency. Dr. Lowe says cannabis will be ‘the rescue’ for that emergency.

Dr. Lowe was speaking on Nationwide This morning today.

One thought on “Medicanja to Enlist on JSE in 2018

  1. Lz

    How is the opioid crisis in the US going to benefit Medicanja? While we burnt ours over the years the US has far exceeded what we are just doing. If we can find a solution with weed, they already have done so. Keep playing catch up JA. You can thank your brainless politicians for that.

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