Met Service Director Says Significant Drought Could Impact Jamaica


Director of the Meteorological Service, Evan Thompson says a significant drought could impact the island if the ongoing dry spell continues for the rest of this month.

Already inflows to two of the Corporate Area’s major catchment facilities — the Mona Reservoir and the Hermitage Dam — are worsening, despite supply restrictions imposed by the National Water Commission.

Mr. Thompson says rainfall so far has been significantly below normal.

The Met Service Director says even if there’s normal rainfall in May and early June, it may not be enough to maintain adequate water supply.

He says drought conditions are getting worse in a number of parishes.

Meanwhile, President of the National Water Commission, NWC, Mark Barnett, says their systems in St. Ann have been the worst affected.

He says some are recording zero output.

The NWC says the Mona and Hermitage Dams which serve the Corporate Area are both at about 30-percent of capacity.

Mr. Barnett says there’s a shortfall of 25-million gallons of water a day.

As a result, the NWC has begun water restrictions in the Corporate Area.

While some rural communities currently have no water.

And, Mr. Barnett says there’s been some progress on projects aimed at reducing the impact of drought conditions.

Mark Barnett, President of the National Water Commission, NWC.

He says there will be further updates in short order.

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