Mike Henry Continues Pledge to Hold Queen Elizabeth Accountable for Slave Trade

Member of Parliament for Central Clarendon, Mike Henry, is pledging to continue his fight, for as long as is necessary, for the Queen of England to be held accountable for the Atlantic slave trade.

He says he wants her to be tried in her own court the atrocities of slavery.

Mr. Henry, who’s a senior Cabinet Minister, was addressing the House of Representatives yesterday. He’s calling on the political directorate and the parliament to take a stand, in demanding reparations.


6 thoughts on “Mike Henry Continues Pledge to Hold Queen Elizabeth Accountable for Slave Trade

  1. Free Jamaica

    I wonder what is Mike Henry’s heritage. If he is from English Heritage then maybe his ancestors should be charged because they would have been slave owners and Mr. Henry should also be made to pay reparations

    1. Fifi Laphue

      Free Jamaica, your name should be Uncle Tom. Are you blacker than Mike Henry why you think white man didnt rape your great great great grandmother too? Instead of thanking him for the fight, you focusing on his light complexion? Black people really fi get cuff! No loyalty or pulling together. Because you bloody lazy to do anything, you want to collect from your fellow sufferer rather than face the real perpetrator? You have the mentality of the street thugs who rob and kill their own instead of fighting their real oppressors.

      1. Free Jamaica

        Neither you or Mike Henry experienced slavery and need nothing. The persons who experienced it and to whom reparation is owed are all dead. Any of their generations way down the line need to fend for themselves instead of the normal mentality of handouts. I am tired to see everyone stretching out their hands and the government is doing the same thing. The English owes you nothing.

        1. Fifi Laphue

          The English OWE you nothing. They did teach me a world class language, for that I thank them. They still owe YOU some lessons in grammar.

  2. Fifi Laphue

    Free Jamaica,
    That is how you should have couched your initial response to Mike Henry. As a free, never enslaved woman myself, you are right, England owes me nothing. However, you chose to attack Mr Henry personally, as if you, yourself do not have an admixture of races in your blood.
    If you are a Jamaican, the odds that one of your ancestors is white are very high. Therefore, make your point on pride, not on racial composition.
    Mr. Henry is fair game because he is clearly a racial mix being a ‘brown’ man, but this country is not America, so all of us, what ever shade are black people and quite Happy to be black. So is Mike Henry.
    If he thinks we are owed something, fine. He, and you, have a right to an opinion and a point of view. I may not necessarily agree, but I will not make his request an opportunity to further divide black people in this country, into light and dark as you did.
    That is Donald Trump at work, and it is ugly.

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