Missing Manchester Doctor, Boyfriend Seen by Family?

The Mandeville Police are reporting that the medical doctor; Twenty-eight-year-old Chanique Cousins and her boyfriend who’ve been reported missing for more than a week have been sighted by two family members.

The Head of the Mandeville police, Superintendent Vendolyn Cameron-Powell, told Nationwide News this afternoon that at least two family members of 42 year old Winston Davidson have reported that the couple visited them visit since last week.

The Police Superintendent says it’s urgent that the police locate Mr. Davidson and his 28 year old girlfriend, Dr. Chanique Cousins.

Superintendent Cameron Powell is appealing to both Dr. Cousins and Mr. Davidson to report to the Mandeville Police Station.

Early investigations by the Mandeville Police revealed that Dr. Cousins and her partner were last seen leaving the community of Mike Town in a white motor vehicle.