Missing Manchester Doctor, Boyfriend Seen by Family?


The Mandeville Police are reporting that the medical doctor; Twenty-eight-year-old Chanique Cousins and her boyfriend who’ve been reported missing for more than a week have been sighted by two family members.

The Head of the Mandeville police, Superintendent Vendolyn Cameron-Powell, told Nationwide News this afternoon that at least two family members of 42 year old Winston Davidson have reported that the couple visited them visit since last week.

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The Police Superintendent says it’s urgent that the police locate Mr. Davidson and his 28 year old girlfriend, Dr. Chanique Cousins.

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Superintendent Cameron Powell is appealing to both Dr. Cousins and Mr. Davidson to report to the Mandeville Police Station.

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Early investigations by the Mandeville Police revealed that Dr. Cousins and her partner were last seen leaving the community of Mike Town in a white motor vehicle.