Mixed Reactions from Residents in Sections of St. Andrew South Divison Following Declaration of SOE


There are mixed reactions this morning from residents in sections of the St. Andrew South Police division where a State of Emergency has been declared.

Nationwide News visited Cockburne [CO-BURN] Pen and Tavares Gardens otherwise called Payne Land yesterday afternoon.

Small groups of residents were seen on the street, a number of them only finding out about the enhanced security measure from our News centre.

A resident of York Avenue in Cockburne [CO-BURN] Pen told our News centre he’s happy for the increased presence of the security forces.

However, another resident says the security forces are three months too late.

A father in the community says the area also needs social intervention.

Meanwhile, another resident says the security forces mustn’t abuse their powers under the State of Emergency.

Residents in sections of the St. Andrew South Police division speaking yesterday with Nationwide News just hours after it was announced that a State of Public Emergency had been declared in the area.

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