Mo Farah May Dump His Coach

Mo Farah says he’ll leave coach Alberto Salazar if doping allegations are proven.

The double Olympic champion has spoken out after a tv documentary investigated the practices of his trainer.

Farah told Skysports that he’s done nothing wrong and that claims he’s taken drugs are killing him.

“If he has crossed the line and it is proven he’s crossed the line, then yes I’m out,” said Farah.

“These are just allegations. If there is wrongdoing then I’m the first person to run, but you have to give people a chance in life and give them the benefit of the doubt.

“I work hard every day. I put my body through hell. Seven months of the year I am away from my family and I miss their birthdays. That really kills me.

“So for people to label me a cheat is not fair. If I am a cheat, prove it. If not, leave me alone to represent my country and make people proud of me.”

Asked about missing two drugs tests before the London 2012 Olympics, Farah said that he had taken 148 drug tests since 2008, including 103 since the Games, adding “every single one has been negative”.