MOCA Arrests Suspected Fraudster

The Major Organised Crime and Anti-Corruption Agency, MOCA, arrested and charged a man in St. Andrew for fraud earlier this morning.

Hes been identified as Headley Thomas a resident of St, Andrew.

He’s been charged with Conspiracy to Defraud and Attempting to Obtain Money by False Pretense following a raid at his home.

Reports are that In September of last year, Thomas was involved in a motor vehicle accident along Constant Spring Road.

At the time of the incident a report was made to the police, in which he stated that he was the only person travelling in the vehicle.

Between that time and February 2016, he allegedly attempted to defraud a prominent insurance company of $4-million, by claiming that family members were in the vehicle at the time of the accident.

Preliminary investigations by the company revealed that this was false, as such a report was made to MOCA, resulting in this morning’s operation.

The accused will appear in the St. Andrew Parish Court on Thursday.

Director of Investigations at MOCA Senior Supper Intendent Cleon March says, This is a growing trend,where persons are attempting to obtain significant sums of money using corrupt practices.