MOCA Intervenes in Deepening Manchester MC Corruption Probe

Nationwide News understands the Major Organized Crime and Anti-Corruption Agency (MOCA) has intervened in the deepening corruption scandal threatening to bring down the leadership of the Manchester Municipal Corporation.

The scandal is also sending ripples through sections of the upper echelons of the opposition PNP.

A source at MOCA told our news center this afternoon that the agency is working with the Manchester Police on the investigations.

Allegations are that three cheques valued at $1.5-million each were stolen from the Corporation.

However, it’s understood the investigators are pursuing leads indicating that several more cheques were fictitiously signed and encashed at a particular business establishment in the neighbouring parish of St. Elizabeth.

The cheques were fraudulently authorized before they were encashed.

Allegations are that at least two prominent PNP members benefited from the proceeds.

It’s further alleged that a junior political staffer in the PNP conspired with a former senior officer of the municipal corporation to facilitate the criminal activity.

That junior political staffer is closely connected with the former senior official in the accounting department at the Manchester Municipal Corporation.

The official is one of two people based in the accounting department who resigned on Tuesday over the deepening scandal.

The investigation has also led to the resignation of the Deputy Mayor of Mandeville, Ervin Facey.

Facey remains as Councillor for the Spur Tree Division in North West Manchester.

It’s understood that one of the people at the Corporation who’s implicated in the investigations has indicated that he received a verbal directive from a member of the PNP top brass to proceed with the transaction.

Nationwide News sources say earlier this week, members of the leadership of the PNP convened an emergency meeting to discuss how to manage the possible fallout from the investigation.


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