Montague Launches Security Oversight Committee


National Security Minister, Robert Montague, on Thursday launched the Security Programme Oversight Committee, SECURIPOC.

The new body is to ensure that key performance indicators by various agencies under the National Security portfolio are met.

Minister Montague says the new oversight body will ensure agreed targets are actually implemented.

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The 15-member committee is chaired by retired banker, Peter Moses. It’s is to meet every two months. It comprises members of civil society, academia and the private sector.

Some of its other well-known members are Doreen Frankson, Lee Issa, Kevin O’Brien Chang, Egeton Newman, Dr. Parris Lyew-Ayee and politician, Richard Creary.

Minister Montague says heads of various agencies will be required to give performance reports on implementation. He says his office will welcome the oversight.

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He’s also calling on Opposition Spokesman on National Security, Peter Bunting to sit on the Committee.

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Mr. Montague stressed that this oversight will target several agencies including Customs, the Passport Immigration and Citizenship Agency, the Firearm Licensing Authority and not just the JCF.

He was speaking at the launch of SECURIPOC this afternoon at the Ministry’s office on Oxford Road.