Montague Outlines New ‘Crime-Fighting Tool’

National Security Minister, Robert Montague, gave a snapshot of another tool in the police’s crime-fighting kit today.

According to Mr. Montague, the police are now able to take the picture of a person while the officer is on duty to determine if that person has a police record.

He says the picture taken by the officer will be cross-referenced against a police database to quickly provide the officer in the field with any available records.

Minister Montague says the police experimented with the software yesterday, as part of it’s police week celebrations in recognition of their 150th-anniversary celebrations.

Minister Montague says the experiment will be rolled out in some of the major shopping areas in the Corporate Area and Manchester over the busy Christmas period.

He was speaking today at the 2nd Regional Policing and Security Conference at the Mona campus of the University of the West Indies in St. Andrew.

And a prominent attorney Bert Samuels, says the new crime-fighting tool to be used by the police may become a tool for criminal profiling.

He says the police may also have constitutional issues with the right to privacy for an individual and the adverse use of the image once it’s captured.