Montague Urges Calm

Chairman of the Jamaica Labour Party, Senator Robert Montague, is urging all members and supporters of the party to remain calm and focused.

In a statement to the media this afternoon, Senator Montague said recent reports of a crisis in the party are greatly over stated.

He says the JLP is pleased that it has reached the stage, where issues are discussed and resolved internally.

According to Senator Montague, the JLP has heightened it’s activities in preparing for the General Elections which is due in December 2016.

But Senator Montague is noting that the elections are expected sooner.

He says the JLP is fine tuning the organization, finalizing the campaign programmes, securing resources and enumerating voters.

Senator Montague says the Parliamentary Caucus, along with all organs of the Party, has been meeting to review and adjust their programmes.

He says the Caucus had its eighth meeting on Friday.

The JLP Chairman says the lack of information about and from the meetings is driving some persons to speculate.

But he’s urging persons to be calm and warned them not to be misled by speculation, innuendos and allegations.

JLP MPs are scheduled to return to the party’s Belmont Road Headquarters tomorrow where discussion is to continue regarding the latest push by some to remove Andrew Holness as Opposition Leader.

2 thoughts on “Montague Urges Calm

  1. dukeofearle

    What is kept in darkness must come to light, all is not well so speak the truth, there is a division within and it will not be solved because some elected MP are upset with Andrew that it cannot be repairable. He who have eyes to see will see and He who have ears to hear will hear.

  2. prizm

    Send the fool a little further Mr Montague. I wonder if I call the head quarters if the telephone will ring

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