More Funds for ChikV


The Ministry of Local Government says additional resources have been identified and allocations will be made to enhance efforts to fight the spread of the Chikungunya virus.

A statement from the Ministry says following a meeting with various stakeholders last week, it acknowledges the important role it plays in any national response to the spread of the ChikV virus.

That inter-ministerial meeting was attended by Local Government Government Minster, Noel Arscott, Health Minister Dr. Fenton Ferguson, Tourism Minister, Dr. Wykeham McNeill, as well as all Mayors and their Secretary Managers last Thursday.

The Local Government Ministry says information available from the Health Ministry was used to rank parishes which are most affected by Chik-V, and to determine the best set of preventative actions which could limit the spread to other areas.

It says arising from that exercise, the mayors were mandated to develop parish programmes in partnership with local health departments.

Prior to this meeting, the Ministry says it had released funds to six Local Authorities for drain cleaning, chemical treatment and bushing as part of a wider vector control programme.

The ministry says there will be a follow up meeting to assess the impact of these interventions and determine if any further action needs to be taken.