More Killings in Farm, Clarendon as Gunmen Carry out Reprisals for Murdered 6yr-old


The bloodletting continues in the community of Farm in Clarendon, where three people were killed on Saturday, just a day after the murder of a six-year-old boy in the same area.

That’s according to the Head of the Clarendon Police, Superintendent Vendolyn Cameron-Powell.

The dead men are 52-year-old Patrick Boeman, 25-year-old Sadique Brown, and another known only by his nickname, Oney.

Superintendent Cameron Powell, says Boeman was allegedly killed as a reprisal for the murder of six-year-old Timothy Bassaragh on Friday.

She says the attackers believe Boeman’s son may have been involved in the murder of the six-year-old.

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Two more were killed and three injured in another incident the same day at a cook shop in the community.

Superintendent Cameron-Powell says her officers also came under fire when they responded to the shooting.

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She says this situation is due to a long standing gang feud.

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Meanwhile, Superintendent Cameron Powell says criminals from all across the country are converging on the farm community in Clarendon.

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She says despite their best efforts to keep the people of the community safe they’re receiving no cooperation from residents.

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Superintendent Cameron Powell, also says illegal weapons are a major problem being faced in the area.

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