More Pro-Pryce Protests to Come


Supporters of the governing People’s National Party in North East St. Elizabeth are reportedly planning more protest action in the constituency, as they continue to press for the removal of Evon Redman as the party’s candidate in the next general election.

The supporters traveled to St. Andrew yesterday where they met with the party’s leadership and made a case for Mr. Redman to be replaced by incumbent MP, Raymond Pryce.

But the party says Mr. Redman has already been ratified and will not be deselected.

A member of the North East St. Elizabeth constituency executive, Wilbert Small, says a meeting will be held tomorrow to decide the way forward.

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Mr. Small says supporters of Mr. Pryce will again take to the streets in their effort to have Mr. Redman removed.

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And Political commentator Kevin O’Brien Chang is raising questions about who’s behind yesterday’s protest in support of North East St. Elizabeth MP, Raymond Pryce.

Ten bus loads of angry Comrades turned up at the PNP Headquarters on Old Hope Road in St. Andrew yesterday afternoon, demanding the removal of Evon Redman as their candidate.

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Some estimates have put the cost to rent a bus at about $40,000 each, putting the rental of the 10 buses at nearly half-a-million dollars.

Speaking on Nationwide at 5 last evening, two of the protesters say the group paid for the buses out of their own pockets.

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