More Statements of Public Support for SW St Andrew Contenders

As the campaigns of the two contenders get into high gear, more Comrades are publicly expressing support for their pick ahead of the clash between Brown Burke and Smith Facey.

One Councillor for a division in South West St. Andrew says he’s prepared to be shot again as he gets ready to hit the ground with her.

Councillor Karl Blake, of the Greenwich Town division, has been in the news after he was shot by gunmen last month in an attack which left his political secretary, Maxine Simpson, dead.

He’d initially intended to be in the race to be the PNP’s constituency representative for South West St. Andrew. But he’s withdrawn and is now supporting Mrs. Brown Burke. Blake spoke with our news centre on Saturday after the PNP’s NEC meeting at the University of the West Indies, Mona Campus.

He says those who choose to go against the wishes of Mrs Simpson Miller’s – who has endorsed Mrs. Brown Burke — are ‘showing their true colours.’

When Mrs. Brown Burke emerged from Saturday’s meeting, she was greeted with loud cheers.

Some of her supporters serenaded her, singing “I am under the rock”.

She says she welcomes the NEC’s decision to allow her to participate in Sunday’s selection exercise, adding that her campaign starts now.

In the meantime, her challenger – Mrs Smith Facey – also received a loud welcome as she emerged from the meeting. Her supporters hugged and cheered for her. Some referred to her as the ‘real boss’.

Councilor for the Trafalgar Division in South East St. Andrew, Kari Douglas, says she’s ‘throwing her weight’ behind Smith Facey.

Former MP, Damion Crawford, has also made comments on social media suggesting he’s supporting Mrs. Smith Facey. He’s said to enjoy some popularity among residents in South West St. Andrew.

Another prominent member of the PNP, Lisa Hanna, is also backing Mrs. Smith Facey. She’s also revealed her support for Smith Facey on social media.

In a post on Facebook, Ms. Hanna says the PNP shouldn’t ‘suppress’ a poll that was conducted by the party. She questions why the party’s Executive didn’t take that poll into account, claiming its the most critical piece of data. It reportedly shows Mrs. Smith Facey is more popular than her.

Meanwhile, Damion Crawford was said to be the most popular to replace Simpson Miller as chairman of the constituency.