Mother Accuses Pembrook Hall High of Failing to Protect Son from Bullies

There are allegations today from a mother, that the Pembrook Hall High school took no action to protect her 15-year-old son from some boys who attacked him.

The injuries her son sustained left him hospitalized.

The mother, who we’re calling Sandra to protect her son’s identity, says she made numerous reports to the school that her son was being bullied by a number of boys over a one month period. But, she says little effort was made to rectify the situation before at least seven boys attacked her son.

Sandra says three boys came to her house with weapons seeking a confrontation with her son.
She says the boys were alleging her son had passed a comment at school getting one of them into trouble with his girlfriend.

The mother says she made a complaint to the school’s vice-principal. But she says nothing was done.

Sandra says her son was attacked one day while he was leaving school.

The mother says her son is still recovering from his injuries.

Sandra says the school only tried to make contact with her after her son was hospitalized. She says she’s upset because the situation could have been much worse.

The frustrated mother says if the school had acted sooner, the situation could have been avoided. Efforts to contact the school have since proven futile.


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