Mother Blasts Fenton

A mother of one of the babies who died last month during the most recent infection outbreak at the University Hospital, is this afternoon blasting the Health Minister and the management of the hospital.

She’s the latest of several moms who’ve told their story, since Nationwide News broke the story about the infection outbreaks on October 16.

The mother, who requested that her name not be disclosed, says her son died on October 15 this year, one day before our news centre first reported the infection outbreak.

She says her child was born premature at 7-months.

She said her baby was six weeks old and appeared to be doing well but took a turn for the worse.

According to the mother, she saw a total 7-babies die from the infection outbreak.

She says the experience was overwhelming.

The mother is rejecting Dr. Ferguson’s apology for his comment that premature babies are not babies in the real sense.

She says the message she wants to send to Dr. Ferguson and the management of the University Hospital is not fit for airplay.

According to the mother, doctors told her they were at a loss about how they could contain the infection outbreak.


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  1. IMF2014

    Yet the minister was unaware of what was happening and his PS and CMO similarly in the dark. So too the employment agencies known at Health Authorities. What a mess

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