MP Fitz Jackson Withdraws Bill to Amend Banking Services Act

South St. Catherine Member of Parliament, the PNP’s Fitz Jackson this afternoon withdrew a bill which proposes to amend the Banking Act in order to end a range of fees for various services.

Mr. Jackson told parliament he’s chosen to withdraw the bill because a clause contained in the draft legislation for a study on bank fees has been fulfilled.

Mr. Jackson says in two weeks he plans to re-introduce the amended bill.

He urged the House to treat the matter with urgency when the bill is re-introduced.

Mr. Jackson today blasted Cabinet and his colleagues MPs for not acting on recommendations made by a parliamentary sub-committee about bank fees.

Mr. Jackson says four months have passed since the report of parliament’s subcommittee was tabled and nothing has happened to restrain the banks.

Meanwhile, prior to the bill being withdrawn, Member of Parliament for Central St. Mary, Dr. Morais Guy, gave his support for the bill.

He outlined a number of fees which he says his constituents are upset about.

He also accused parliament of ‘aiding and abetting’ the banks.

In the meantime, Mr. Jackson says he intends to go ahead with a class-action lawsuit against the banks.

He says the banks must terminate the fees.