Mt Salem ZOSO Continues in Spite of Denham Town

The zone of special operations in Mount Salem, St. James, is to continue despite a second zone being declared.

Mount Salem was declared the first zone of special operations approximately six weeks ago on September 1.

National Security Advisor, Major General Antony Anderson, says Prime Minister, Andrew Holness will update the country in Parliament about whether the Mount Salem Zone will continue beyond the initial 60-day period.

In an interview this afternoon with Nationwide News, General Anderson said, at the end of the month, Mr. Holness will tell the country whether the Mount Salem Zone will continue beyond 60 days.

He refused to say whether he believes it will continue beyond 60 days, saying that’s for the Prime Minister to say.

Unlike when Mount Salem was declared a zone, General Anderson says the police turned up in full force this morning to go into Denham Town.

Meanwhile, at this morning’s media conference at Jamaica House, Prime Minister Holness gave his assessment of how the Mount Salem operation has gone to date.

But the defiance of some police personnel in ditching the first day of the Mount Salem operation and incorrect murder statistics given by the police still bothered him.