Murders Continue Downward Trend


Two-hundred and eighty-five fewer people have been murdered in Jamaica so far this year compared to last year.

That’s according to the latest figures compiled by the Jamaica Constabulary Force, JCF.

The figures show that the island continues to experience a 21-percent decline in murders this year compared to 2017.

However, despite the reduction in murders, more than 1000 persons have been killed since the start of this year.

Up to last Saturday, October 27, there’ve been 1,065 reported cases of murder.

St. James has seen the biggest reduction in murders this year – a drop of more than 68-percent.

The St. Catherine North Police Division is experiencing a 26-percent decline in murders.

Since earlier this year there’ve been states of public emergency in those two police divisions.

The Kingston Central Police Division has experienced a 48-percent decline in murders.

While murders are down 40-percent in Manchester and 26-percent in St. Elizabeth.

Murders have also declined by six percent in Westmoreland and 32-percent in St. Ann.

Clarendon is experiencing an 11-percent reduction in murders.

However, 12 people have been murdered in Portland this year, compared to 6 in the similar period in 2017. This means there’s been a 1-hundred percent increase in murders in the usually quiet eastern parish.

Still in eastern Jamaica – the figures show there’ve also been a 35-percent increase in murders in St. Thomas and St. Mary.

The JCF figures also show that shootings this year compared to last year have declined by 18-percent. Rape is down by 12-percent.

Record cases of aggravated assault have also declined by 12-percent.

Overall, the figures show that there’s been an 18-percent decline in serious crimes .

According to the JCF, reported cases of robbery this year have declined by 11-percent.

Break-ins are down by 7-percent. But, cases of larceny have increased by 2-and-half-percent.