‘My hands are clean!’ – Mickolle’s Mom Denies Community Speculations of Motive Behind Daughter’s Murder

The mother of slain teenager, Mickolle Moulton, Nikeisha Howell, is dismissing allegations made by some of her neighbours in the community of Zimbabwe in Arnett Gardens who claim she knows what led to her daughter’s murder but isn’t saying.

In an interview last evening on Nationwide @5, Ms. Howell refused to say anything about what may’ve led to her daughter’s killing.

Instead, she preferred to speak only about Mickolle’s life, her personality, ambitions and achievements.

Ms. Howell says Mickolle was the first child in her mother’s family to have attended a traditional high school.

Ms. Howell revealed that she also LOST a 13-year-old son in 2007 to epilepsy. She likened her grieving to the biblical tale of Job who lost all his children.

Ms. Howell, who got pregnant as a teenager, says Mickolle was to break what she describes a the ‘generational curse’.

In the meantime, she says her 12-year old daughter — who was also injured in Sunday’s attack — is recovering well.

Mickolle’s killing has been widely condemned. She was 17 years old and a recent graduate of Meadowbrook High School, in St. Andrew.