Nationwide Seeks Answers from PetroJam GM

As part of our investigations into the developments at Petrojam, Nationwide News has sent two e-mails to the General Manager of the oil refinery Petrojam, Floyd Grindley, seeking answers to several related questions concerning its multi-million dollar project donations.

In the first e-mail sent to Mr Grindley on Wednesday night, Nationwide News detailed that several attempts to reach the General Manager by phone were unsuccessful.

The e-mail then sought answers to several questions.

Among them – whether Mr Grindley could confirm or deny that he wrote a memo to the Board of Directors of Petrojam dated July 5, 2017 in which he stated that “in April, Board approval was received for the construction of a community centre in McCooks Pen, St Catherine.

Whether Petrojam has since been informed by the McCooks Pen Citizens’ Association that they were able to secure funding from an alternative source and were no longer in need of said sponsorship.”

We asked, if yes, please state the means undertaken by you or any member of your team to ascertain that the McCooks Pen Citizens’ Association was no longer in need of the sponsorship it had requested for the construction of a community centre.

After almost 24 hours with no response from Mr Grindley, our news centre contacted Petrojam’s Public Relations Officer Latoya Pennant to check if Mr Grindley was aware of the e-mail and our 48 hour timeline for a response.

Ms Pennant requested that a copy of the same e-mail be sent to her for follow up yesterday.

In a reponse this afternoon shortly before news the PR officer replied stating “Following our conversation earlier this afternoon, I’m unable to reach the General Manager for a comment regarding captioned”.