NCB Warns Customer of Scam


National Commercial Bank, NCB, is warning customers about a scam attempting to steal people’s passwords and banking information.

According to NCB, a fake email is going around from the email address info-at-n-c-b dot-com.

The subject line says, “NCB Upgrade: Urgent attention required”.

Transformation Manager of Retail Banking at NCB, Ray Nixon, says the scammers are using the guise of NCB’s major upgrade, which starts today, to trick customers.

NCB is warning customers not to open the email or click on the link in the message, which leads to a bogus website.

It says unsuspecting customers who click on the link are asked to submit their private banking details under the guise of updating their information to avoid service disruptions.

This type of email, commonly known as phishing, is one of the most common forms of email fraud globally.

Mr. Nixon says the bank’s major upgrade will help to increase customers’ security.

Ray Nixon, Transformation Manager of Retail Banking at NCB, speaking on Nationwide This Morning.

The upgrade is expected to last between four and six weeks.

All of NCB’s online platforms will be down from this afternoon at 3 until Monday morning.

However, the bank’s ATMs and point of sale machines will still be functional.

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