NDM Blames Political Culture for Jamaica’s Fall in Human Development Index

The National Democratic Movement has described as alarming, Jamaica’s ranking in the latest United Nations Human Development Index.

The report which was released yesterday has seen Jamaica fall 11 places from 85 in 2003 to 96 this year.

NDM President, Peter Townsend, says this year’s ranking is testament to the negative impact of Jamaica’s political culture.

The Human Development Index measures the quality of life in a country.

Its measured across areas such as life expectancy, education levels and income.

The index ranks 1-hundred-and-87 countries across the categories of very high human development, high human development, medium human development and low human development.

The fall in Jamaica’s ranking means the country runs the risk of falling into that group of countries considered to have medium human development.

Mr. Townsend says the country should not have been in this position based on the state of the economy after independence in 1962.

Mr. Townsend says blames a partisan political culture for the state the country now finds itself in.

According to Mr. Townsend there have not been enough steps taken since independence to push a growth and development agenda for the Jamaican nation.