Neita Says Delegates Canvas Showing Bunting Defeating Phillips In September is Fake


One PNP’s Campaign Manager, Natalie Neita, is rubbishing a document circulating on social media purporting to be a canvas of delegates.

The document which bears the seal of Dr. Phillips’ campaign has his challenger, Peter Bunting, running ahead with more than fifteen hundred delegates to more than eight hundred for Phillips.

But, Ms. Neita says the so-called national canvass is a signal of desperation from the other side.

Natalie Neita, One PNP’s Campaign Manager.

She was joined by Senator KD Knight, who says a real canvass shows Dr. Peter Phillips significantly ahead.

He also says if Bunting were elected President of the PNP he’d find it difficult to close the gap with Prime Minister Holness based on the Johnson poll results.

Senator KD Knight, Chairman of the One PNP Campaign

They were speaking this afternoon at a media briefing held at the Spanish Court Hotel in New Kingston.

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