NESOL MD Insists She was Never Asked About Criminal Record

Managing Director of National Energy Solutions Limited, NESOL, Carolyn Warren, says she would’ve declared her criminal background to the company if she was asked to do so.

Last evening, Opposition Spokesperson on Energy, Phillip Paulwell, called on Prime Minister Andrew Holness to fire Mrs. Warren, saying she was not fit for the post based on confirmation that she was convicted for drug trafficking years ago.

Mrs. Warren says when applying for the job at NESOL, she was never asked about her past conviction.

In a statement last evening, Mrs. Warren apologized for not disclosing the conviction. She says she’s also applied to have her record expunged.

The NESOL boss says she put that past mistake behind her a long time ago.

And, she’s chiding Mr. Paulwell, suggesting he’s bringing up her past conviction for political gain.

Mrs. Warren was employed to Nationwide News Network for 14 years. She began her career at Nationwide as a sales representative and rose to the position of Sales Manager before leaving the company just over two years ago as an employee in good standing.

Meanwhile, the Opposition Spokesman on Energy, Phillip Paulwell, is maintaining that he believes Mrs. Warren was required to disclose her past conviction to NESOL.

Mr. Pauwell called Cliff Hughes Online with Mark Wignall just before news time, following Nationwide’s interview with Mrs. Warren.

Mr. Wignall asked Mr. Pauwell if he would apologise to Mrs. Warren.

Meanwhile, the Energy Spokesman says the purpose of his press release wasn’t to attack Mrs. Warren.

Rather, he says he wanted to show what he believes is a break down in the hiring process at NESOL.


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