New Cemetery set to Boost St Catherine Municipal Corporation’s Coffers

Chairman of the St Catherine Municipal Corporation Norman Scott, says the Corporation is poised to make $15-million immediately with the opening of the new Thetford Internment Park in Church Pen, Old Harbour.

Scott, says the influx of cash will be realized immediately and will greatly boost the Corporations finances and create economic buoyancy which is badly needed.

Mayor Scott told Nationwide news that the cemetery situated on 25 acres of land is divided into 58 blocks with over 25,000 plots already established with sepulchres, single and double vaults and an area reserved for the burial of children and ready for occupancy. He says the established rates are with the Chief Parliamentary Counsel for ratification and will be published within a week.

Mayor Scott, says the new facility was established in response to the parishes growing population and the need for more burial space and the fact that the seven existing Municipal cemeteries will soon exhaust their capacities.


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