New Fuel Prices Take Effect

Petrojam has announced increases in fuel prices to take effect today.

A litre of of E10-87 gasoline will be sold for $104.20 per litre.

A litre of E10-90 will be sold for $105.85.

Automotive Diesel will sell for $103.73 per litre. That’s an increase of $7.28.

Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel will be sold for $107.29. That’s an increase of $2.75.

Meanwhile, the price of Kerosene will decline by $0.42 to sell for $87.29 per litre.

Propane, Liquefied Petroleum Gas, will sell for 43 dollars and seven cents, up $5.64.

Butane moves up by $4.62, to sell for $48.9 per litre.

Petrojam says that the price movements includes the increase in the Special Consumption Tax, SCT, announced recently by the Minister of Finance.

Last week Finance Minister Audley Shaw said the increased SCT on fuel will range from 43-cents to a high of $7.36 per litre.

This measure is expected to rake in $7.5-billion.

It took effect today.

Marketing companies and retailers are expected to add their respective mark up to the announced prices.