New JPS Plant 90% Complete


Jamaica Public Service Company, JPS, says its 190 megawatt natural gas power plant is now 90-percent complete.

The new plant at Old Harbour Bay is expected to be commissioned into service by the third quarter of this year. JPS says the old plant will be decommissioned in phases, until it’s taken completely offline by the first quarter of next year. The new power plant, will use Natural Gas as its primary fuel, with Automotive Diesel Oil as back-up.

JPS says their dependence on oil will fall from over 60-percent, to about 36-percent. This is expected to ensure more stable electricity prices. The new plant will also produce cleaner energy with no sulphur emissions. JPS says the Old Harbour Bay community has benefited from the project, as over 200 persons from that community have worked on the construction.

JPS President and CEO, Emanuel DaRosa, says the development will be a game-changer for the generation of electricity. The project is being operated by the South Jamaica Power Company, a subsidiary of JPS. It’s the collaborative effort of several local financiers who’ve backed the $41-billion investment, which JPS says is one of the most significant capital investments in the country in decades.


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