New Police Service Commission to Appointed Today

A new Police Service Commission, PSC is expected to be appointed today.

The tenure of the former Gordon Shirley-led Commission expired at midnight on Wednesday this week. The newly constituted PSC is expected to address an issue reportedly raised by George Quallo.

The Shirley-led PSC had indicated via a media release on Saturday that Quallo was to serve his final day as Police Commissioner on Wednesday. But Mr. Quallo raised eyebrows on Thursday morning when he reported to work at the Office of the Police Commissioner on Old Hope Road in St. Andrew.

It’s understood that Mr. Quallo is arguing that although he was told verbally by the PSC of his separation from the job, he has not yet been sent a formal letter.

However, sources close to the former Shirley-led PSC are arguing that it’s not the custom for a formal letter to be issued when there’s an agreement for a Commissioner to be separated from the job.

According to those sources, the Commission met with Mr. Quallo last week Monday morning and he agreed to go. It’s understood that on Monday of this week, Mr. Quallo negotiated and agreed to his retirement package.

The sources close to the former Shirley-led PSC are insisting that Quallo should go quietly.

Calls placed yesterday to Mr. Quallo and Professor Shirley were not answered.

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