New Twist in Riu Rape Investigation

The owner of the gun used in an alleged sexual assault at the RIU Hotel in Montego Bay reported the weapon stolen from his room to the Police the day after the alleged incident.

That’s according to Head of the Criminal Investigations Branch, Acting Assistant Commissioner of Police, McArthur Sutherland.

ACP Sutherland says the weapon was found in the room where the alleged rape took place.

A 23-year old entertainment coordinator is being accused of rape by two women who were staying at the hotel.

The incident took place last Thursday. The two women who’re from the US insist they were raped at gun point.

However, the accused reportedly claims the sex with the women was consensual.

He reportedly told the Police he and the licensed firearm holder had struck up a friendship with the two female guests.

ACP Sutherland says all leads regarding the alleged rape are being followed.

He says emerging information regarding how many people were in the room is being probed.


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