NIA Calls For Investigation Into Alleged Vote-Buying & Use of ‘Dons’ in PNP Presidential Race


Executive Director of National Integrity Action, Professor Trevor Munroe, is calling for an investigation into allegations of vote buying and the use of dons to coerce delegates in the now concluded PNP Presidential Elections.

Professor Munroe says, if the allegations turn out to be credible the law allows for the party to be de-registered.

Professor Munroe was speaking this morning on Nationwide’s Front Page.

He says such allegations against what is Jamaica’s alternative government are damaging in the country’s current context.

Professor Munroe also says he’s heard that Political Ombudsman Donna Parchment Brown will not be investigating the allegations at this time.

However, he says such allegations against a major political party cannot be ignored.

Professor Trevor Munroe, Executive Director of National Integrity Action.

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