NNN/Blue Dot Poll: More J’cans Believe Country Is Headed In Right Direction


More Jamaicans believe the country is heading in the right direction than those who say it’s not, that’s the finding of the Nationwide Bluedot poll.

With concerns about the economy no longer among the biggest problems facing the country, more Jamaicans believe the island is heading in the right direction than those who don’t.

39-percent of those polled by our Nationwide Bluedot pollsters said they believe Jamaica is going in the right direction.

That’s 6-percentage points more than the 33 per cent who are of the view that the country is going in the wrong direction.

Another 28 per cent of the respondents said they were not sure whether Jamaica is heading in the right or wrong direction.

The poll was conducted between December 2 and 19 last year among 1-thousand-431-Jamaicans.

It had a margin of error of less than 3-percent.

The December 2019 findings reflect a small up-tick in optimism about the direction the country is heading when compared to August of last year, when Jamaicans were asked the same question.

In August last year, 36 percent said the country was going in the right direction. Four months later in December, that had increased to 39 percent.

Interestingly, the number of Jamaicans who believe that the country was going in the wrong direction remained at 33 percent in August and December 2019.

However, those who were unsure about the direction of the country declined by 2-percentage points from 30 to 28 percent in the same period.

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