‘NO Cover-Up’ – Holness Promises Transparency after Dunn’s River Audit


Prime Minister Andrew Holness says ‘there will be no cover-up’ on matters regarding the operations of Dunn’s River Falls and Parks in St. Ann, following a recent audit.

An audit into the operations of the popular tourist attraction, which is controlled by the St. Ann Development Company, SADCo, and its parent company the Urban Development Corporation, UDC, uncovered evidence of fraud, a discrepancy in ticket sales and mismanagement.

In a statement yesterday, the Office of the Prime Minister, OPM, revealed that Mr. Holness met with the boards of SADCo and UDC.

Following the meeting, Prime Minister Holness declared there will be no cover-up of the matter. He says all will be revealed to the public.

Mr. Holness says the findings of the audit of Dunn’s River Falls and Parks reveal that corruption is not always at the governance level. He says sometimes it’s corruption at the management and line staff levels.

But, the Prime Minister acknowledged that despite this it’s the government that’s ultimately responsible. He says the boards should move with speed and alacrity to ensure meaningful action is taken.


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