‘No Deaths Expected’ – Hinds

Deputy Commissioner of Police, Glenmore Hinds today told the West Kingston Commission of Enquiry, that he did not anticipate there would be any fatalities, due to the 2010 security forces operation to arrest former Tivoli strongman, Christopher Dudus Coke.

DCP Hinds made the admission this morning under cross examination from counsel to the Commission, Garth McBean.

The Chairman of the Commission, Sir David Simmons, says he had difficulty accepting the comment from DCP Hinds.

But DCP Hinds defended his statement, saying his assessment was based on past experience.

Meanwhile DCP Hinds says the country has over the years failed the people of Tivoli Gardens, by endorsing the oppressive regime inside the community.

DCP Hinds says the country is indebted to the security forces for the 2010 operation inside Tivoli.

DCP Hinds says five years after the operation, Tivoli Gardens remains in desperate need of social intervention strategies.

Glenmore Hinds, Deputy Commissioner of Police.