No Evidence Against Devon Wint – Police

Story by Jevon Minto & Abka-Fitz Henley 

The Head of the St. Catherine North Police, Senior Superintendent Marlon Nesbeth, says an investigation into allegations implicating the JLP standard bearer in West Central St. Catherine, Councillor Devon Wint, in wrongdoing, has discovered no evidence to support them.

Wint was directed last week by Opposition Leader Andrew Holness to resign as the JLP’s caretaker for West Central St. Catherine.

This after the JLP hierarchy was advised on Friday that the sitting West Central St. Catherine MP, Dr. Ken Baugh, had drafted an affidavit implicating Wint for submission to a state agency.

SSP Nesbeth says the Spanish Town Police and a state agency carried out the investigation.

According to SSP Nesbeth a statement was tendered to the police by the alleged aggrieved party did not implicate Wint in wrong doing.

Wint won the right to represent the JLP in the constituency on September 26, by beating former Cabinet Minister, Dr. Christopher Tufton in a selection exercise.

Meantime, Dr. Baugh’s attorney, Linda Mair, is refusing to confirm or deny whether she has submitted an affidavit to a state agency on behalf of Dr. Baugh.

And JLP General Secretary, Dr. Horace Chang, told Nationwide News this afternoon that he and JLP Leader, Andrew Holness, met this afternoon with the leadership and executive of West Central St. Catherine at Belmont Road.

He says the party leadership told them that the JLP will now begin the process of identifying a candidate to replace Wint.

It’s widely expected that Dr. Tufton will be offered the seat having lost the right to do so in the selection to Councillor Wint by 15 votes.

2 thoughts on “No Evidence Against Devon Wint – Police

  1. chikV2Ebola

    The Opposition must be vigilant and avoid any surprise midway through this election. the party must stick with its previous decision for this man to resign.

  2. goofball

    It is sad that the JLP in its desperation to get Tufton on its ticket to appease the business sector, has rushed to judgement and thrown Wint under the bus without any evidence against him. It begs the question if this was a grand setup. Holness is his attempt to show decisiveness has blundered badly here. Maybe he and Dr Chang should resign.

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