‘No Jamaican Leader Could Survive Trump-Like Behaviour’ – Former PM

Former Jamaican Prime Minister, Bruce Golding say no political leader could survive in Jamaica if he behaved like US President, Donald Trump.

Mr. Golding says Trump’s bragging about his power to grope women’s genitals, mocking the disabled, celebrating the physical assault on a journalist, encouraging the beating up of protesters and his habitual estrangement from the truth is a pattern of behaviour that was on display even before he was elected.

Golding says as a distant observer of American politics, he’s reflected on how far Jamaica has come in its political culture, despite the country’s shortcomings.

Mr. Golding says it’s noteworthy that no midterm elections in the United States had attracted as much attention as those to be held tomorrow. He says with President Trump’s benefit of Republican control of both Houses of Congress at risk – Democratic control of one or both Houses would be Trump’s worst nightmare.

Mr. Golding says a victory for the Democrats could stymie Trump’s legislative programme and expose him to subpoena-powered investigations and, possibly, even impeachment proceedings. But the former Prime Minister says a Republican victory in the Senate and House would not only enable Trump to consolidate his hold on power but would validate, at least in his own mind and those of his supporters, the manner in which he has conducted his presidency.

Mr. Golding gave his views on the pending US mid-term elections during an article published in the Jamaica Observer newspaper on Sunday.

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2 thoughts on “‘No Jamaican Leader Could Survive Trump-Like Behaviour’ – Former PM

  1. Sandra Beach

    I’d rather see a leader tell it like it is than to see the Jamaicans being so apathetic and never getting to the point.


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