No Jamaicans Hurt in Manchester Terror Attack


Preliminary checks by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade have revealed that no Jamaicans were hurt in the terror incident at the Manchester Arena in the UK yesterday.

Foreign Affairs Minister, Senator Kamina Johnson Smith provided the update in an interview with Nationwide News Tuesday morning.

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ISIS has claimed responsibility for the suicide bombing which killed 22 people, including children.

Over 50-people were injured. Several of those injured remain in hospital.

And in Manchester, the police have names Salman Abedi as the suspected suicide bomber who killed 22 people and injured 59 at Manchester Arena on Monday night.

According to the BBC the 22-year-old was born in Manchester to parents of Libyan descent.

He’s thought to have blown himself up in the arena’s foyer on Monday, as fans were beginning to leave a concert by US singer Ariana Grande.

A vigil for the dead and injured was held in front of the town hall in Manchester’s Albert Square.

The wounded, who include 12 children aged under 16, are being treated at eight hospitals across Manchester.