‘No Need for “Leggo Beast” Apology’ – Thwaites


Education Minister Ronald Thwaites says he’ll not be withdrawing his comment, classifying some children as “Leggo Beasts.”

This, as Opposition Spokesperson on Education and Youth Senator Kamina Johnson Smith has called on him to withdraw the comment.

Speaking at the Jamaica Teachers Association, JTA Annual Conference in St. James last week, Minister Thwaites says parents must not send their ‘leggo beast children’ to school and expect teachers to provide behaviour modification.

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But Senator Johnson Smith says labelling troubled children as “leggo beasts”, goes against the collaborative and transformational approach of a good education system.

She says the Minister Thwaites must withdraw his comments.

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Senator Johnson-Smith says instead of classing children as ‘leggo beasts,’ the Minister must look to expanding behavior modification services — in the nation’s schools.

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When contacted by Nationwide Online, Minister Thwaites says there’s nothing to apologize for.

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Minister Thwaites says his use of the terminology was valid in the context in which it was used.

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