‘No One Tried to Help’ – JC Principal Laments Student’s Killing


No one tried to help Nicholas Francis, the 14-year-old Jamaica College student who was killed by a thief on a bus on Wednesday.

That’s according to Acting Principal of JC, Wayne Robinson, who’s lamenting the inaction of the passengers on the Toyota Coaster bus on which Nicholas was attacked.

Nicholas was stabbed to death on the steps of the bus on Wednesday after he refused to hand over his cell phone to a robber.

The incident — which has drawn widespread condemnation — happened on Old Hope Road in St. Andrew.

The Jamaica College Principal last evening gave a gripping tale about what transpired when Nicholas was attacked.

He says nobody tried to help the teenager as he was being robbed.

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Mr. Robinson was speaking last evening on Nationwide @5. He says Nicholas had a promising life. But it’s been snuffed out by a man he describes as a ‘heartless thug’.

He says the boy’s phone was cheap, describing it as a ‘banger’.

Mr. Robinson says while grown men stood by and watched, a fellow student jumped from the bus in pursuit of Nicholas’ killer.

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But the boy failed to catch the killer.

JC ended classes early yesterday to allow students and staff time to grieve. But Mr. Robinson says he was forced to regather students who were eager for vengeance.

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He says Nicholas’s family is distraught.

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In the meantime, the police have identified Quacie Hart as a person of interest. The police are urging him to turn in himself for questioning. A picture of the man is being circulated on social media.


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  1. Marcus A Bogle

    Come-on fellow Jamaicans… Lets look high and low for this person of interest. While we totally believe in the principle of “Innocent…Until Proven Guilty”, this person MUST present himself to the police so he can tell all that he knows about this very tragic and senseless incident. #TalkTheTruth

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