No Poll Pressure on Portia

PNP General Secretary, Paul Burke, says he’s not aware that there are influential members of the governing party who are becoming increasingly disgruntled with the leadership of Portia Simpson-Miller following her poor showing in the current polls.

Mr. Burke says Mrs. Simpson Miller must be credited for making the hard decisions to rescue Jamaica.

Meanwhile, noted pollster, Don Anderson, was quizzed by members of the PNP at the party’s retreat in Ocho Rios today.

It’s understood that Anderson fielded questions about his recent poll findings as the governing party sought to assess its chances before it decides to call early general elections later this year.

PNP General Secretary, Paul Burke, says Mr. Anderson gave mixed reviews about the possible fortunes of the PNP.

One senior PNP activist, who was at the question and answer session, told Nationwide that Anderson told the comrades that going to the polls this year is “risky.”

According to the senior PNP activist, Don Anderson said a PNP victory is not “clear.”

But Mr. Burke says that’s not accurate.

The PNP General Secretary says Mr. Anderson delivered good and bad news.

Meantime… it’s understood that the thinking coming out of the retreat is that the governing party has a lot of work to do if it is to call and win the elections this year.

Some influential PNP members, including Finance Minister Dr. Peter Phillips, are in support of a General Election being called this year.

However, it’s understood that others are having second thoughts about the election being called this year.

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