‘NO State of Emergency for St James’ – Chamber of Commerce

Head of the Montego Bay Chamber of Commerce, T’shura Gibbs, says she’s not in support of the suggestion for a limited state of emergency in parts of St. James.

Ms. Gibbs says this measure would be too extreme at this time.

Two JLP Councillors from the St. James Municipal Corporation have so far called for a limited state of emergency to be declared in parts of St. James.

The latest call came on Friday after a daring daylight attack in downtown, Montego Bay where gangsters with high-powered weapons opened fire on alleged gang leader, Steven Ellis Malcome, killing him.

More than 120 people have been killed in St. James since the start of the year.

Ms. Gibbs says the situation in the parish is alarming.

She agrees that serious measures must be taken to address the spiraling murder rate.

Ms. Gibbs is also lamenting what seems to be a lack of consequence for criminal actions as a result of the slow pace of the justice system.