‘No Strangers Allowed!’: Meadows to Malahoo-Forte


Former JLP Senator, Dennis Meadows is alleging victimization, as he fights for the right to represent the party in the constituency of West Central St. James.

Mr. Meadows says despite applying four months ago to fill the vacancy in the seat, persons have recently inveigled Opposition Senator, Marlene Malahoo Forte to try and oust him.

Mr. Meadows, says he may be paying the price for his loyalty to Audley Shaw in the bruising 2013 JLP leadership contest.

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Mr. Meadows unsuccessfully vied for the North Trelawny seat twice.

Mrs. Malahoo Forte was the losing JLP candidate in Central Westmoreland in 2011.

Mr. Meadows says Ms. Malahoo Forte is a stranger to the people of St. James.

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When contacted by our news centre, Mrs. Malahoo Forte says she will make herself available for selection in the seat, if asked by the people.

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4 thoughts on “‘No Strangers Allowed!’: Meadows to Malahoo-Forte

  1. chikV2Ebola

    Mr.Meadows is doing a great job with his independent CAPI .he should concentrate on that and secure funding from the EU to ensure his group remains a force to reckon with !

    1. prizm

      There is nothing independent about CAPI have you ever heard him criticize the JLP he is just using it as a political platform.

  2. veejay

    JLP has infighting and PNP also have infighting. I wonder what NDM has on the card for us?

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