No Trace of Mario Daley, 2-years Later

The parents of Mario Daley are angry at the way in which the Police have handled their investigation into the disappearance of their son.

Mario, a graduate of the University of Technology and his friend, businessman Curtis Martin, were reported missing on October 21, 2013, after being abducted at gunpoint from their home in East Kirkland Heights.

Shortly after the incident, three persons; Dionne Mitchell, Damion Lawrence and Evon Simmonds of Papine in St. Andrew, were arrested in connection with the abduction of the men.

The Police declared the men dead last month.

But Mario’s father, Allan Daley, says the family learnt of this development through the media.

The three accused were originally hit with gun and abduction related charges.

But they are set to have their charges upgraded to murder, when they return to court on September 30.

Mario’s mother, Monica Brooks, says all she wants is the chance to bury her son’s remains.