NWU Calls Sports & Labour Ministers to Intervene in InSports Impasse

The National Worker’s Union, NWU, is calling for the intervention of the Ministers of Sports and Labour to have two employees of the Institute of Sports who were recently dismissed immediately reinstated.

General Secretary of the the NWU, Granville Valentine, claims the two senior employees were wrongfully dismissed last week.

He says staff at the institution are now fearful. Mr. Valentine says the dismissals are a clear breach of due process. He’s vowing to take the matter to the Industrial Disputes Tribunal.

Mr. Valentine says the Assistant National Sports Coordinator, Rudolph Barnes, and Accounting Technician, Oniel Hope, were dismissed last week without a hearing.

He says the men were called into a meeting by a Senior Director in the presence of armed personnel and informed that were being dismissed immediately due to a breach of staff orders.

The dismissal of Hope and Barnes follows the suspension of former Administrative Director, Ian Andrews.

Mr. Andrew was suspended on allegations of misconduct in February.

The former director later accused the agency’s board of victimisation.

Mr. Valentine is calling on Insports to immediately reinstate Hope and Barnes.

Mr. Valentine says there’s total unrest at the agency.

He’s also alleging several breaches of corporate governance on the part of Insport’s board.

Mr. Valentine wants the intervention of Sports Minister, Olivia Grange and Labour Minister, Shahine Robinson.

When Nationwide News sought a response from Acting Administrator Director of Insports, Renardo Smith, he said he’d not comment at this time.